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Employment Discrimination

Our attorneys are engaged in the defense of our clients’ interests in all areas of discrimination law. This involves jury trials, administrative proceedings, bench trials, and arbitrations under Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures. Our attorneys provide a planned strategic defense in all areas of litigation including discovery, motion pleadings, trials, appeals, and settlement discussions. The firm represents management before federal and state district courts and appellate courts, state supreme courts, and the United States Supreme Court. Besides defending our clients’ interests in active cases, we train management and staff in effective ways to supervise and discipline personnel so as to minimize exposure to discrimination and wrongful action claims, while at the same time achieving business goals. In an attempt to prevent the escalation of personnel problems into lawsuits, our attorneys assist our clients in developing procedure, policy, and rules dealing with employee conduct, communication systems, complaint handling, and other employee relations policies. Attorneys strive to develop positive employee relations practices in all employment settings while representing management’s business goals.

The Kullman Firm is defending, and has defended, a number of collective and class actions related to state and federal (FLSA) wage and hour claims filed in courts around the country. Our attorneys work closely with our clients early in the litigation process to assess these wage and hour claims, develop the most effective strategies to vigorously defend against the claims, all while striving to minimize disruption to our clients’ operations. In furtherance of these objectives, our attorneys develop strategies to oppose or limit class certification or develop a basis to move for dismissal at the summary judgment stage of the proceedings. Our attorneys also have experience negotiating multi-plaintiff settlement agreements. Our class and collective action attorneys have handled claims across multiple industries, including energy, hospitality, maritime and technology, and regularly advise our clients on how to develop policies and practices that comply with the increasing number of employment laws and wage and hour regulations.

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