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Over the past few years, wage and hour disputes have become one of the largest sources of potential liability for employers and based on the current trends, the risk from wage and hour liability is not going to subside anytime soon.  The Kullman Firm has the experience, resources, and know-how to defend employers in these wage and hour disputes.  Our attorneys defend employers in federal and state wage and hour lawsuit from coast to coast, from North Dakota to Texas, and from Pennsylvania to Alaska.  We are defending employers in a wide array of wage and hour cases from misclassification claims, off-the-clock issues, fluctuating work week, and unpaid overtime, to name a few examples, and collective and class actions to individual claims.  We have gained this experience from defending clients across multiple industries, including energy, maritime, hospitality, and technology.  Upon the filing of a lawsuit, our attorneys work to develop effective strategies to vigorously defend against the claim and minimize potential exposure, including strategies to oppose or limit class certifications and obtaining dismissal at the summary judgment stage, while striving to minimize disruption of our clients operations.  Our attorneys are also skilled and have experience with negotiating complex, multi-party settlements of wage and hour claims.

In addition to providing representation when a lawsuit has been filed or an investigation has been commenced, our attorneys are equally experienced in working with our clients to develop pay policies and procedures that comply with both federal and state law.  The surest way to avoid wage and hour liability is for an employer to ensure that its pay policies comply with the applicable laws and regulations.  The Kullman Firm can provide employers with advice and recommendations to comply with wage and hour laws and regulations before issues and lawsuits arise.

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