Jolynn B. Huntley
Human Resource Consultant
Office: New Orleans |


I’m a DIYer who enjoys doing home improvement projects and using power tools. I also like traveling, working out, gardening, and just being outside.




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"As a people person, I love interacting with clients. It’s gratifying to possess a knowledge base that enables me to help them with a range of issues and procure the resources and assistance they require. My diligent work ethic, organizational skills, and traits such as responsiveness, dependability, and trustworthiness make me an asset to many."


For nearly three decades, human resource consultant Jolynn Huntley has combined her in-depth understanding of both the legal and business arenas to assist Kullman attorneys and clients in an array of areas, including Affirmative Action Plan preparation, adverse impact studies, Department of Labor audits, arbitration panel research, Freedom of Information Act requests, and labor and employment litigation. Jolynn collaborates closely with attorneys on matters that require their oversight in particular aspects of the law.

Serving federal contractors as well as companies in financial services, food and spirits distribution, and maritime, mining, and other production industries, Jolynn draws on both her valuable educational and hands-on career experience in human resources. She previously earned her PHR Certification from the Society for Human Resource Management and also received her Paralegal Certification from The American Institute of Paralegal Studies.

Jolynn brings a precise, detail-oriented approach to her work, whether she’s crunching plan numbers, categorizing employment positions, completing adverse impact or compensation analyses, assisting in the filing of EEO-1s and Vets – 4212 reports, or preparing clients for Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) reviews. Additionally, she places a premium on helping to keep clients compliant and updated on developments in their Affirmative Action obligations and other issues.

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