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More than just nationwide expertise in labor and employment law, Kullman has Next-Level Know-How℠. Whether vigorously protecting your business and reputation from wrongful accusations, or tackling other complex L&E issues, Kullman brings powerful, strategic skills to the table, along with exceptional value, coast-to-coast.

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I’m really proud of our team and the quality of our client relationships.  Kullman is decidedly traditional in the meticulous care we take with our clients and they tell me that’s why they keep coming back.  Top to bottom, we’re considered smart, practical, and effective.  We strive daily to anticipate a client’s needs and meet them head on with informative answers and effective strategies.  Our end goal is to work with our clients to achieve their objectives as quickly and efficiently as possible so they can get back to business.  In that way, our clients think of us like an extension of their own legal department – there when they need us.  That’s the kind of trust we create.  We understand that a company’s most valuable asset is its people, and we are in the people business.  We help clients enhance their legal, business, and personnel relationships so they can perform at their very best.  This kind of client relationship and teamwork is about the most fun you can have as a lawyer. 

Chris Keenan

Managing Shareholder

I know it’s fashionable for firms to talk about DEI, but Kullman really puts these ideals into practice both in its hiring decisions and in its commitment to the legal community. 

I’m the firm’s Hiring Partner, so I’m in charge of lateral and on-campus recruiting, as well as associate recruiting and development. It’s important work because Kullman really believes in identifying, hiring, and nurturing the best people, so we take that responsibility very seriously.  I’m particularly proud of our signature outreach program, the Julien Law Scholars program, where we organize and fund a hands-on week-long training program for dozens of minority college graduates who plan to attend law school. This unique curriculum simulates a law school experience using law school professors, lawyers, and judges to teach students the enhanced skills necessary to help them thrive in law school. It’s an amazing program that’s proven very successful.

MaryJo Roberts

Managing Shareholder

I think L&E law is the most interesting and exciting area of legal practice. It is strategic, intellectually complex, and blends law with the intricacies of human behaviors. And we believe Kullman is the ideal type of L&E firm, offering the sophistication of a 50-state national practice inside a smaller, friendlier, more hands-on environment. When handling a tough far-flung issue for a national company, we don’t have to refer that work to our nearest local office, we get to jump on a plane and roll up our sleeves to handle their issues personally, like a true Trusted Advisor. That makes us better. We’re immersed in our clients’ strategic decisions, we’re an integral part of their team. Whether there are allegations of discrimination and harassment, wage-hour litigation, wrongful termination, or non-compete or theft of proprietary information cases, we’re ready at a moment’s notice to strategize, negotiate, resolve, settle, or sue. We can do it all, and we prove that to our clients every day.

Sam Zurik

Board President